Benefits to Credit Unions

At CU HomeLand Corp., we truly feel we offer a unique service for a commodity industry. If staying in Control and staying in Compliance is important to you, we need to talk. If receiving fee income and offering your members great rates is important to you, we need to talk. Because THAT is what CU HomeLand is all about.


We feel credit unions should have control over their member's mortgage loan process. That is why we allow credit unions to:

  • Receive the initial call from the member
  • Call the member with loan approval (You are the hero!!)
  • Receive email status updates on all files
  • Pull customized pipeline reports
  • Get constant member feedback on the program
  • Keep members coming to you (instead of the competiton!)
  • Offer a mortgage website that is useful and educational!


Mortgage compliance is a topic of concern for all credit unions these days, and remaining in compliance with the changing environment has proven increasingly difficult for most. That is why you need a partner that focuses time, energy and money into keeping you compliant. You need CU HomeLand. We offer you our Compliance Partnership, a program that allows you to remain in compliance with all NCUA, State & Federal Regulations of mortgage lending, and keeps you updated by email on all of the latest changes to the industry. We take your compliance very seriously, and are honored to help you maintain your compliance levels for your auditors so there are no issues.

Earn $500.00 per Transaction

Our program allows you to earn a $500.00 fee for each conventional or jumbo loan, paid at the close of escrow. By using your staff to field calls, collect information, and communicate with your members, we are able not only to substantially cut down on members costs per loan, but are able to allow you to earn money per transaction. It's a nice relationship!

Offer Incredible Rates on a Very Wide Range of Programs

Our process allows us to our keep rates incredibly low (compared to other banks and credit unions) and pass that savings on to your members! We feel strongly that low rates are how to keep a member happy! And we offer the following loan programs for your members to choose from:

  • FHA & VA Loans
  • Conventional Mortgage Loans
  • Jumbo Loans up to $3,000,000

See our Loan Products Offered page for a full list of loan programs!

Member Education

A constant topic on credit union's minds is "Member Education". The NCUA wants more of it to happen, yet most credit unions struggle to provide it. Mortgage and real estate education is no different. But with CU HomeLand, your education problems are solved! We offer the following to help you meet and exceed your mortgage education requirements:

  • Our Web Education Center: One of the largest collections of helpful mortgage tools on the web
  • Mortgage Seminars: First Time Home Buyers, General Real Estate Education; we will customize seminars that are right for you and your membership
  • Real Estate Seminars: Find out what is happening in your area from local professionals


CU HomeLand was designed specifically for credit unions and their members. And if there is something else we can add to our program, ask us! We are here to make credit unions shine in the face of their members. We truly want to be:

The Credit Union Industry's #1 Mortgage and Real Estate provider!!

Call us at (800) 795-1333 or email us here for more details.