Benefits to Members

At CU HomeLand Corp., our main concern is your member's mortgage experience. Members are why we exist, and making sure they have a great mortgage experience so that they can rave about your credit union is why we are in business. We offer everything your member could ask you for in one loan program. THAT is what CU HomeLand is all about.

Offer Incredible Rates on a Very Wide Range of Programs

Our process allows us to our keep rates incredibly low for your member (compared to other banks and credit unions). We pass savings on to your members through the rates we offer. By getting a lower interest rate and the correct loan program, your member will save money for years to come! We feel strongly that low rates and the right loan program keep a member happy! And we offer the following loan programs for your members to choose from:

  • FHA & VA Loans
  • Conventional Mortgage Loans
  • Jumbo Loans up to $3,000,000

See our Loan Products Offered page for a full list of loan programs!

Member Education

Members need a place to educate themselves. The internet has become one of the best ways to do so IF a member knows where to look for that education. With CU HomeLand, there is no need to look any further. We have assembled all the information they need in one spot. Our Education Center allows members to broaden their understanding of mortgages and the real estate industry. Help is always a click away. We also offer you the ability to hold information seminars (taught by CU HomeLand staff) on topics that are relative to YOUR members:

  • Mortgage Seminars:
    • First Time Home Buyers
    • General Real Estate Education
    • Customized Seminars: We will customize seminars that are right for you and your membership
  • Real Estate Seminars: Find out what is happening in your area from local professionals

Rebates on Buying or Selling Real Estate

At CU HomeLand, we understand that the buying or selling a home can be a huge task. That's why picking the right people to help you through the maze of options is critical to your member's success. And using a realtor that knows the market to find or sell a home is also critical. That's why we partner with the best.

We believe that working with the right realtor is a critical factor in a real estate transaction. It can mean the difference between finding the right house or finding an OK house; it can mean the difference between finding a good deal or a great deal. The right realtor can make a huge difference in a real estate transaction. That is why we offer your member the opportunity to work with professionals in the industry that you can rely on.

And when they choose to buy or sell a home through one of our partners, we have a treat for them: Rebates in cash or closing cost credits from $1,000 to $5,000 per transaction is theirs. They just have to sign up with us to use one of our preferred partners. It's that simple.

Title and Escrow Fees

At CU HomeLand, we believe that if we can find a better deal for your members through our contacts in the industry, we should pass that savings on. Happy members are our specialty!

We believe that working with the right title and escrow company can help coordinate a complicated real estate deal into a smooth transaction for your member. And since we do a volume of loans through CU HomeLand and our parent company, American Pacific Mortgage Corporation, we have the ability to negotiate savings for your members in the title and escrow world.

When a member is purchasing or refinancing a home through us, we offer them the opportunity to save money by going with one of our preferred title partner, Fidelity National Title if they choose to do so.


Your members want a great deal. That is why CU HomeLand was designed specifically for credit unions and their members.

We are here to serve you and your members.

Call us at (800) 795-1333 or email us for more details.