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  • Conforming loans: Loans Quoted for Conforming loan products are based on a loan amount of $453,100 (APR shown above is calculated on this amount)
  • High Balance Conforming loans: Loans from $453,101 to $679,650 (APR shown above for High Balance loans is based on a $500,000 loan amount)
  • Jumbo loans: Call for rates over $679,650
  • Rates shown above are for a credit score of 740 or better, refinance, one unit, owner-occupied property for a 25 day lock period, based on a 60% or less loan to value.
  • The term for Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) programs is 30 years.
  • Some member rates may be different than quoted above due to credit and loan to value.
  • Longer locks can be obtained for a small fee.
  • FHA loans require a minimum down payment of 3.5%.
  • For the 3 Year, 5 Year, 7 Year and 10 Year ARM programs, the interest rate is fixed for the first 3, 5, 7, or 10 years. After that, the initial fixed rate will adjust annually for the remaining term with a margin of 2.25% or higher plus the one year LIBOR rate.
  • Call us with any questions regarding rates: (800) 795-1333.
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Closing Costs

When members ask about closing costs, they are comparing how much lenders charge for their services. These are called "Lender Fees" and will be listed on a Good Faith Estimate (or GFE) as "Origination Fees". For most lenders and brokers, this includes origination points. Since CU HomeLand does not charge origination points, the member will only pay the following fees to us:

  • Processing
  • Underwriting
  • Admin
  • Wire
  • Tax Service
  • Credit Report
  • Flood Cert

Lender Closing Fees: $1,890 Total*
*(For All In-House Loan Amounts; this is for processing and underwriting)

All other fees are charged by outside parties. Services such as Appraisals, Title & Escrow, and Inspections are services that can be chosen by the member (government restrictions apply). These fees are negotiated and purchased by the member and not provided directly by CU HomeLand and therefore are not quoted until a GFE is required to be produced. If need be, CU HomeLand will help the member with available options for other services.

Closing Cost Credits

CU HomeLand provides members the option of Closing Cost Credits that can be applied to the member's closing costs to help pay or cover all fees. The higher the rate, the higher the credit towards closing costs to your member!

Possible Additional Lender Costs

There are a few exceptions to the Lender Costs that are charged by CU HomeLand. Below is a list of conditions that may require an increase in rates and/or fees (these are all standard additions to rates and/or fees charged in the industry):

  • Investment Property: If the member is applying for a rental property loan, the rate will be higher than quoted above. The amount of increase over the above stated rate depends on the member's credit and loan to value (LTV). Please call for details.
  • LTV above 80%: Loans can be approved using Mortgage Insurance (MI) up to 95% in some cases (90% is standard), but there is a monthly fee associated with the insurance. Please call for details.
  • Cash-Out Refinance: With a Conforming Loan amount, Cash-Out is allowed up to 85% LTV. The actual cost varies with the loan to value and credit score. Please call for details.
  • Condos: There is a Fannie Mae fee for all condos. Please call for details.
  • Extended Lock Periods: Member's can obtain longer lock periods when needed at an additional cost. Please call for details.

Other Closing Costs

Title & Escrow Services (standard industry pricing below)

You can assist the member in giving them an estimate of these other services by quoting them the following ranges:

Loan Amount Est. Title Fees
$100,000 $890
$200,000 $915
$300,000 $1,115
$400,000 $1,115
$500,000 $1,390
$600,000 $1,415
$700,000 $1,640
$800,000 $1,665
$900,000 $1,835
$1,000,000 $1,835
Loan Amount Est. Title Fees
$100,000 $1,764
$200,000 $2,365
$300,000 $2,820
$400,000 $3,267
$500,000 $3,683
$600,000 $4,042
$700,000 $4,406
$800,000 $4,769
$900,000 $5,391
$1,000,000 $5,797

Appraisal Services (standard industry pricing below)

  • Conventional Loan Amounts: Appraisals cost approx. $400 – $450
  • Over $1,000,000: Appraisals cost approx. $600 and up
  • FHA Loan Amounts: Appraisals cost approx. $500 and up
  • Jumbo (above $679,650): two appraisals are normally required