Marketing Offered

At CU HomeLand, our goal is to help you sell more mortgage loans. We realize that each credit union has its own personality and that no credit union is quite the same. We feel the "One Size Fits All" rule does not apply anymore. The world of mortgage lending has changed, and we feel we have to think differently in how we attract members to your door. Therefore, our methods of marketing can range from standard to outrageous, depending on what you think will work for you. Whether by the web, mail, foot or phone, we have you covered.

Our Marketing process is simple:

Initially, we meet with you to determine…

  1. Your Membership's Demographics
  2. How you have marketed successfully in the past
  3. How we make sure your branding is upheld in all mortgage marketing
  4. What you would like to see happen with the marketing
  5. How we set a marketing plan for the year with goals that you set and we commit to implementing

We then meet every six months to make sure we are on the right path to success.

We will bring our expertise of marketing mortgage loans to you and your members so that we can make your phone ring!!

Whatever it takes, we want you to be successful.

Call us at (800) 795-1333 or email us for more details.

We will make you successful!