The CU HomeLand Concept

The concept of CU HomeLand is really quite simple:

In today's incredibly regulated mortgage lending world, CU HomeLand provides credit unions the ability to:

  1. Remain in control of the mortgage loan process
    • The member information calls come directly to you
    • You are the first person the member talks to!
    • You are the person the member gets their approval from!
  2. Stay in compliance with all state & federal mortgage lending regulations
  3. Offer incredible rates
  4. Offer a variety of loan products available in today's market
    • FHA & VA loans
    • Conventional loans of all kinds
    • Jumbo loans to $3,000,000
  5. Receive email status updates on your members' loans
  6. Earn $500.00 at the close of escrow on all conventional and jumbo loans!!

Our Idea is Different than the rest...

Put the control back into the Credit Union's hands and allow them to offer all mortgage loan products in full compliance at huge discounts to their members.

Offer loan products for all

Whether your member is looking for FHA, VA, ARMs (3 year, 5 year, 7 year or 10 year fixed), or conventional loans from $75,000 to $3,000,000, the CU HomeLand program allows you to offer them all!!

Offer your members Real Estate Services

Through our strategic partnership with a leading Real Estate Company, members also earn:

  • Rebates up to 15% of the real estate agents commission when selling a home through our Program!

Real Estate lending has changed, have you?

It's a different world in today's lending arena. You need a partner who can guide you through the twists and turns of this Brave New World. You see, we are experts at compliance, marketing processing and underwriting mortgage loans. And we know YOU are experts at servicing your members. That's why we do what we do, and allow you to do what you do: Service your member.

We help make your phone ring!

We help you market the loan products your members want and allow the calls to come directly to YOUR STAFF so that they can do what they do best: Please your members. And by allowing the call to come directly to your staff, you're always aware of what's going on with each member and know what they are interested in. More control for you. That is what we are about.

We keep YOU in charge!

By allowing members to talk directly to your credit union's staff when applying for a mortgage loan (instead of out-sourcing the application process), members feel more comfortable and feel they are, indeed, working with the credit union to obtain their mortgage loan. But sadly, the fact is that many credit unions in the United States do not have the capability to compete with the big banks or brokers on this front. They don't have:

  • The ability to offer all of the different types of mortgage loan products needed by their membership
  • NOR do they have the correspondent lending relationships
  • NOR the lending ability
  • OR the capacity to fund all of their member's loans
  • OR the credit union's internal resources simply can not keep up with all of the industry's new regulatory changes…

Until now…

CU HomeLand's system allows credit unions of all sizes to offer their member's every loan product available on the market today.

Once the application is taken by you, we enter the picture…

Once your staff enters the information on our website, our staff enters the picture.

After an email has been sent to the member introducing our relationship (complete with your logo and a message from your CEO or Lending manager), we speak to the member and explain our relationship to your credit union. We make sure all of their questions are answered, that they understand the loan they have applied for, and we instruct them that we will be sending them their initial loan disclosures and request for information work sheet. We explain the loan process, the loan time line and make sure they are comfortable with the procedure.

All you do is take the loan application information and quote the rate. Once approved, you congratulate your member with the approval and collect the conditions! Your staff remains the key communication channel to your member so that you can continue to stay in control of the process!

Need Status? No Problem

Our system sends out email loan status on every file. You and your member get updates continuously throughout the process. You will always know where a file is in the system!

See a loan you like? Buy it!
We offer you the First Right of Refusal on every loan!

If you wish to portfolio the loan, the loan is yours. Simple as that. We charge our administration fees for processing and docs, and you keep the loan. If you want us to purchase the loan, no problem, we fund the loan. It's that simple.

No Long Term Contracts

If our service, incredible rates and compliance partnership does not keep you happy with our performance, then we don't feel a contract should. We do not ask you to enter into a long term service contract. Period.

Your Mortgage Problems are solved!
You found your solution!

So let's review, CU HomeLand allows you to:

  • Remain in Control of the mortgage loan process
  • Stay in Compliance with all State & Federal Mortgage Lending Regulations
  • Offer Incredible Rates
  • Offer Every Loan Product Available in today's market
    • FHA & VA Loans
    • Conventional Loans of all kinds
    • Jumbo Loans to $3,000,000
  • Receive Email Status Updates on your member's loans
  • Earn $500.00 at the close of escrow on every loan!!

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Through You!